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Exposing young learners to basic math concepts helps lay the groundwork for a future understanding of mathematics. High quality, challenging and accessible mathematics educaion provides early childhood learners with a vital foundation for the future.

While activities vary widely from school to school, its commonly accepted young learners must have a good grasp of some basic foundational skills that lay the goundwork for number sense and success in grade school.


Getting Ahead of the Classroom

When the classroom isn’t providing enough of a challenge, Bala Ganita Program can help..

Mastering Math Has Never Been So Fun!

With Bala Ganita, your child will build the critical skills needed for higher level math yet to come- all while having a blast. Bala Ganita is a great way to build confidence, get up to grade level or jump ahead. And it’s very affordable.

Why you should buy this problems book for your kid

  • Sharpens Your Kids Mind
  • Boosts Mental Alertness
  • Easy to Master and Apply
  • Eradicates Fear of Maths
  • Improves Memory Power
  • Increases Speed and Accuracy
  • Amplifies Questioning Ability
  • Strengthens Reasoning Skills
  • Elevates Critical Thinking
  • Enhances Academic Performances

A favorite among kids, Bala Ganita uses fun, brain-boosting activities to help your child solve math problems in cool and engaging ways. (Say goodbye to mind-numbing drills!)

With each math lesson, your son or daughter will develop problem solving skills and get faster and more accurate with essential math skills. You’ll love seeing your child develop critical thinking skills, build math confidence and have a lot of fun.

Getting a good math foundation in elementary school is so important for developing higher-level thinking skills and being successful in science and technology. Our Bala Ganita curriculum aligns with what’s taught in school, so what your child learns at VASISTA will make a big impact in the classroom — and far beyond.


Prepares for Competitive Exams like Olympiad


Learning Math is now Exponentially Easier!

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